Monday, June 3, 2019

Cherry Blossom Sylvaneth - Monday Muster

It's been awhile but I am back with a busy Monday Muster. I have been hard a work with the biggest commission I've ever had. I am painting an entire Sylvaneth army in a cherry blossom scheme.

I am super excited about painting this project. I actually hadn't ever painted Warhammer Fansty models, or should I say Age of Sigmar. Tree people, i'm painting tree people. The models are top notch and I finally understanding the sentiment that AOS has better models that 40k. It's even tempting me to start my own AOS army. But a man can only serve one master.....and his name is the Emperor.

Here are the models so far.

The client wanted to do the bases himself and requested a tabletop standard for everything but Alarielle the Everqueen. Now that model has my little artist heart in a flutter. But even the models I am doing at a tabletop standard look tremendous to me. I hope you all enjoy the pics. If you are interested in me doing a commission for you just leave a message. I also love to hear feedback in general.

And as always, the Emperor protects- Kuyo