Monday, October 29, 2018

How to become a better painter

Looking back from my first painted model, I’ve come a long way in my hobby career.
If only Duncan was around to preach about thin coats, maybe this Christmas guardsmen would have a recognizable face. 

I have learned two things that have helped me become a better painter. Number one, is to push yourself. The Imperial Knight kit was a defining point in my hobby career. That kit pushed me to go even further than beyond. 

This was the first large kit I ever built. For me, building is my least favorite part of the hobby. Most of the time, it's just labor for me. But if you ask me right now, my favorite model to put together is still the Imperial Knight. 

After finishing my first Knight I started on another. This became the best model I had ever created. My Imperial Knight Errant represents learning now to mask, use spray cans, reposition a model, make real damage, paint white and weather. I pushed passed what I was comfortable with to become a better painter. All of the techniques I learned from this knight resonates with everything else I’ve painted.

The second thing I’ve learned, is to practice. Never learn a skill and don't use it. I've been trying to constantly paint. Constantly be waging the war on grey plastic. (One day my closet of boxes will be a display case of painted models) Part of the reason I have started commission painting is so I can sharpen my skills and see how I will progress in another five years. I want to build and paint as many different models as I can.  

Because of these two principles I have decided to sell my personal knight army. This way I will be forcing myself to build more and push my painting skills further. It is going to hurt to sell my favorite creation but it just means I need to fill that void with something even greater. If you are interested in owning my knight army. Check out the link below.

Feel free to drop comments below on what you have done to become a better painter. And as always, The Emperor protects.

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